Mimaki JV400-130LX 54-inch High Quality Latex ink printer

Product Code: JV400-130LX 54-inch High Quality Latex ink printer
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Product Description

Mimaki’s continued commitment to innovative products and technologies sees the launch of a complete new range of wide format printers, new inks and environmentally friendly solutions for the sign, display and graphics markets. The new Mimaki JV400-130LX and JV400-160LX feature state of the art Mimaki latex inks and are the first machines to incorporate Mimaki’s cutting edge print engine. This heralds the way for other ink types which will deliver a significant number of applications based upon the same platform and include Mimaki’s pioneering SUV ink; available shortly after the new latex machines.


New Mimaki latex ink

Mimaki’s latex ink delivers significant advantages over alternative solutions – requiring a very low heat to cure, opening up more materials, consuming substantially less energy and therefore minimising running costs. It is also the first latex solution to offer a white ink – which sits along side six process colours with a vibrant yield and extended gamut. The Mimaki latex inks are quick drying and supplied in 600cc ink packs which when used in conjunction with Mimaki’s eco-cases reduce waste and allow for long unattended print runs.


The 1.3m and 1.6m wide Mimaki JV400-LX printers feature a unique piezo print head, offering the usual advantages over alternative technologies – no requirement for frequent user head replacement, a stunning 4 picolitre dot size along with variable dot technology. The use of piezo heads further supports Mimaki’s environmental and sustainability credentials, with waste minimised and quality maintained throughout the printhead’s life. The Mimaki latex ink is an aqueous, resin based technology with proven eco friendly qualities and zero odour, making the machines ideal for installation in shops, education establishments and office spaces – as well as traditional print companies and graphics setups.


Pre, print and post heaters typically running below 60°C in combination with built in drying fans aid the fast curing of the Mimaki latex ink. With no gassing off required; any post print lamination can take place immediately, shortening ‘total job time’ and enabling print suppliers to respond to short lead times. Coupled to Mimaki’s class leading print speeds – up to 18m2 / hour at 900 x 900dpi – the JV400-LX range delivers a compelling solution across a broad range of applications.


New super durable UV ink

Available soon after the Mimaki latex range and utilising the same impressive print engine is Mimaki’s unique SUV ink set. Combining the flexibility of solvent with the durability of UV cured inks, the newly developed ink delivers a smooth, glossy result which is incredibly durable and vibrant. Featuring on the new Mimaki JV400-130SUV and 160SUV models, the same headline speeds of 18m2 / hour and high print quality as the latex models remain. The exceptionally high durability comes from the unique ink recipe – with components of the ink keying to the ink-receiving layer of the media. The surface of the ink is then cured using a UV process which results in a vibrant, durable and flexible finish making it ideal for banner production, pull ups and display materials – or any application where a combination of vibrant colour and a long lasting, scratch resistant print is important.


New Mimaki RasterLink 6 RIP software

Both new models in the JV400 family take advantage of Mimaki’s powerful and user-friendly RasterLink6 RIP that allows the deposition of three layers of ink in one pass, including a base layer of white ink for printers that support white ink. The new software also offers an improved user interface, new Pantone colour matching and Adobe Illustrator / Photoshop integration.

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