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12 Volt UB12180 AGM Scooter Battery with Post Terminals 18 Ah (17 Ah - 20 Ah Replacement) >> << 12 Volt 7 Ah Electric Scooter and Electric Bicycle Battery

12 Volt 15 Ah Electric Scooter and Electric Bicycle Battery

Product Code: Scooter Battery
Availability: In Stock
This product has a minimum quantity of 100
Compatibility for many others Scooter :
BladeZ models: XTR 450, XTR 500, 807 XTRS, XTR COMP, XTR COMP II, XTR SE,  Power Trans, Street, Street II, Paverunner 450EX, Paverunner 450EL, and Transport electric scooters
Boreem electric scooters (check size)
Charly electric scooter
Citybug and Helper electric scooters
Currie electric bicycle (frame mount)
Currie Electro-Drive electric bicycle kit
Currie electric 3-wheel tricycle
eBike 24 Volt electric bicycle
E-Raser electric scooter (check size)
E-Scooter scooters (check size))
ETC Express electric bicycle kit
eZip 750 electric scooter
eZip 900 electric scooter
Giant LaFree Sport electric bicycle
LashOut electric bicycle
PB 806 and SM 806 electric scooters
Python Electric Bicycle
Rad2Go Great White E-36 &
Leopard Shark E5 electric scooters
Razor MX500 & MX600 Dirt Rocket
electric dirt bikes
Razor E500S electric scooter
Scoot-N-Go electric scooter
Shredder electric scooter
Spartan Sport FS-102 and FS105
Sporty electric scooter
Star II electric scooters (check size)
Synergy Cycles electric bicycle
X-Port electric scooter
X-Treme X-360 electric scooter
X-Treme XP-700 electric pocket bike
Zooma electric scooter
Replaces any standard 12 volt 15 Ah battery including the following battery models:
B.B. battery BP12-12
CSB battery GP12120
ECO battery GS12V12AH
Enduring battery 6-DW-12
Enduring battery CB 12-12
First Power battery or
FirstPower battery FP12100
FP 12120
Fullriver battery or
HGL battery HGL12-12
HGL 12-12
GPS battery GPS12-12
High / Hgh battery or
Zhejiang / Hangzhuo
Haijiu battery 6-DFM-12A
Long battery WP12-12
MK battery ES12-12
Palma battery PM12-12
Panasonic battery LCR12V12P
Power Patrol battery SLA1104
Power Sonic battery PS-12120
Power Source battery WP12-12
PM battery PM12120
Rhino battery SLA10-12
AK, Kstar, So, Toyo, Zhen
Ya, Nanhan, Shunhong,
Yinxin, Seaflo, Sunbright,
New Energy, MCA, BIK,
and Super Power batteries
plus many other brands. 6FM12
Universal battery UB12120
Yausa battery NP12-12
Yueyang battery CB12-12
HangYue battery DZM 12-6
Replaces: All similar sized 12V 11Ah, 12Ah and 14Ah batteries.
Voltage: 12 Volts / 12V
Capacity: 15 Amp hour / 15Ah
Size: 6" long x 3-7/8" wide x 3-3/4" high (151mm x 99mm x 96mm)
Type: Sealed Lead-Acid / SLA
Connectors: 1/4" wide push-on tab connectors / F2
Weight: 8.5 pounds
Warranty: Includes 12 month battery replacement warranty.

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