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X-Treme XG-575-DS 50cc 2-Stroke Gas Scooter >> << MotoTec 3-Speed 49cc Gas Scooter

ScooterX Dirt Dog 49cc Stand Up Gas Scooter

Product Code: Gas scooter
Availability: In Stock

Product Features:
Dirt Bike style Bars
The Dirtbike bars are wider than the standard bar which gives you more stability. The bars also give you up, down, back and forth adjustment. Bars are also foldable.
49cc Gas Engine
This is one of the most powerful 49cc motors on the market. Comes stock with high compression head!
Speeds up to 22-25mph
Up to 37mph with upgrades! X-pipe, Timing Key, 39 tooth sprocket, and HP Filter
Centrifugal Clutch
This is an Automatic clutch
10 x 3.5-inch Dirt Tires
These tires are meant for on and off-road use. They are a dual sports tire. The 2010 model has a more aggressive tire than previous years.
Front and rear Disc Brakes
Disc brakes are much safer than drum or band brakes(commonly used on Chinese scooters) for the fact that they work much better.
Twist throttle
This comes standard on all of our scooters. We find the twist throttles are longer lasting than trigger throttles due to triggers always breaking.
Aluminum Deck
Also standard on all ScooterX models is the aluminum deck. Superior to wood for obvious reasons.
Rear Foot Pegs
Great for riding doubles and doing wheelies. (recommended max weight 250)
Product Specifications:
Motor: 49cc 2-stroke (with Chrome engine cover) 
 Rear foot pegs: Included
 Brakes: Front and Rear Disc 
 Speed: up to 30 mph*
 Tires: 10 x 3.5 inch pneumatic
 Scooter Weight: 50 lbs  
 Riding Capacity: up to 250 lbs  
 Tank Size: 1 liter 25:1 Gas Oil Mixture
 Range: 25 miles per tank
Adjustable handlebars. (up, down, front, back)
 Warranty: 30 days parts replacement

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